08 November 2014

Saturday morning ABC's...

Acupuncture, brunch, and coffee (with a swing thru Central Park!)

Last weekend I thought, I'll take it easy!   Apparently I don't really know how to do that!   I've been fighting either fall allergies/sinus infection for the last few weeks.  It may be a combination of both (plus either NYC air quality or keytruda have given me constant sinus issues!).  

Anyway, to help I get acupuncture.   So I got up early to head in to the city!  I figured since I was up and there it would be nice to meet a friend for brunch!  So I strolled from the upper east side to the upper west side - conveniently through Central Park!   This really is one of my favorite spots in NYC any time of the year.  

It was a bit chilly but a beautiful, sunny, fall day in the park!  See the following pictures:

A rosebud in Shakespeare's garden

Every time I venture in the park I find something new 
Fabulous fall day!
Belvedere castle

Always well worth the walk thru the park!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Off to Wisconsin for a friends birthday and another packers game!   


Ps - for those keeping track, I did have treatment last Thursday (nov 6th)!  All still looking good.  Scans coming up in the 21st!

01 November 2014

Hey Team!

(I didn't realize this didn't publish.  That's what I get for using the app on my phone). 

So for those keeping tabs...  I have another round of treatment on Thursday Oct 16th!  I swear on treatment days it is gloomy and raining when I head in to the city.  Please see picture:

Nothing to major from this round.  Same old same old!  Other than waiting longer than I expected, but that's normal!  Still trying to figure out when I stop taking the treatment since I am having good results and its FDA approved now!

Luckily on my way home - sunshine!

Another busy week for me this week!  Was in Atlanta area Monday and Tuesday and Connecticut the rest of the week!  Need a dull moment, that's for sure!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Go Pack Go

For those that know me, I grew up in Minnesota and was raised a Vikings fan.  I went to college in Wisconsin and lived there in total of 12 years or so.   My friends have always been trying to convert me to being a packer fan lol!   Well, guess I finally gave in!  Haha!  

Last weekend I had several friends meeting in New Orleans for the packers game.  I hadn't planned on joining them but last minute decided why not?   So I headed on down to Louisiana!   It was a great time catching up with friends.   Bummer the packers lost, but the saints are hard to beat at home!  

This weekend I decided to take it easy and stay home :) Hope everyone had a fantastic halloween!


09 October 2014

The Magic Kingdom

What do you do when you're in Orlando and have an afternoon of free time?  Head to the magic kingdom!   

It was interesting to check out.  If I had more time I would have waited in some of the longer lines...  But to help maximize walking the whole park I tried to stick to lines that said 30 min or less.   I did manage to walk Swiss family Robinson's tree house :) some jungle boat tour? With a 'cast member' that had some really bad jokes haha!  I tried to see pirates of the Caribbean but it was 'closed for a technical issue'.  I hoped on a raft over to Tom Sawyer and Hucks private island :) with a stroll over the barrel bridge!

It's Halloween season at the magic kingdom!  I'm sure it's great to see at Christmas time also!   After I sat thru the goofy  parrot tiki room show and getting 'in the tiki, tiki tiki, tiki room... ��' song stuck in my head it was time to go for another silly song 'it's a small world after all...' 

Some of characters were a little creepy haha!  Some other highlights included haunted mansion, space mountain (duo not sure how I like a roller coaster in complete darkness!), speedway racecars (which were really SLOW), and the carousel of progress. Guess all things considerd, I did get a lot in for only being there a few hours!  Finished off with watching the electric street parade? Light show on the castle and a few fireworks! 

Now back to jersey tonight!  Will be nice to spend a few nights in my own bed :)

(Sorry for any spelling errors...  Uploading from my iPhone...)

Hello Arizona!

This post is brought to you 30,000' in the air :). On my way from Arizona to Orlando.  Apparently I'm trying to see how many states I can get to in the 4th quarter of the year!  So far in the last month I've hit: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, Arizona, and now Florida!   I won't count New Jersey and New York since I'm in those all the time haha!
(Me @ horseshoe bend w/Colorado river)

Anyway, I joined my lovely friend Marie for another national park adventure!  She was already in the area for a class so I just tagged along (a lot like last years Yosemite adventure!)

We got a lot of windshield time in, but fully enjoyed all the state has to offer!  Here are a few pics!  Enjoy!


- morning sunrise @ Grand Canyon 
- wildlife in the park!  mule deer buck

- antelope slot canyon : page, AZ
- chapel @ holy cross: Sedona 
- pink jeep tour: broken arrow ridge
- cathedral rock in the background 

05 October 2014

You can never have too much awesome!

So I know I've been slacking in the post department!  Health wise I've been doing pretty good!

Yesterday marked a big day!  2 years since my last surgery!  So what have u done to celebrate?   Well, exhausting myself with travel and exploring!  Ok, don't worry, I am getting some R&R!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Stephanie and others in Colorado!  It was a perfect fall weekend in the mountains!

Then it was off to Dallas for work!  Got back to jersey Thursday night and then Friday afternoon to Arizona to meet my friend Marie!  It's been beautiful!  A few pictures below!  More to follow after we head to antelope canyon and horseshoe bend at the Grand Canyon!  

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


03 October 2014

Another round 30 in.

So I am totally running behind on updates!!  I started a new job a few weeks ago, so that has kept me pretty busy!  

For those wondering ( or keeping tabs) I had another round of Keytruda Thursday sept 25th.  No major issues.  Blood work looks great.  Changed things up and did a late afternoon appointment.  It felt like things moved smoother, but hard to tell. 

The only real hiccup was with the chemo nurse that was drawing my blood and starting my IV.  Sad thing is what I've had enough iv's out in for treatment that I knew it didn't look like the right needle.  So... That meant another needle to get stuck in my arm.   Not gonna lie, I can put up with a lot of pain, but man this stung!  I mean, it should,  it was a needle in my forearm!  I was pointing it to my doctor who quickly told me 'quick complaining'.  And he was right.  I think I was his last patient of the day, and I would guess he saw patients way worse than me!  Pain from the disease, not temporary pain from an IV needle stuck in their forearm.  

Ouch!!  Bruise left behind. 

He's right, I can suck it up and deal with some pain for a few hours for access to a drug that has kept me clear of disease!  I was left with a large lovely bruise!   Small price to pay!

Anyway, after treatment I headed Friday to see friends in Colorado!   Beautiful weather!