The City at Night

So - tonight I sat and debated what I should do tonight.  It had been a LONG week and so my options were to either stay home and chill on the couch (which was really leading the race), attend a comedy show, or attend a fundraiser in Hoboken for the homeless shelter I had volunteered at before.  I decided on option #3.  Hey why not have my money go to something good. 

The details were for an open bar from 8-12.  I arrived at 8:40 only to be told that they couldn't leagally do an open bar (even for charity!) and on top of it they couldn't even do the raffel.  Bummer!  so I still donated my money and then on the way home decided to take some pictures.  I do totally love the city at night!  It always makes me happy!

Empire State of Mind

9-11 Memorial in Jersey City

Ferry Ride anyone?

Lady Liberty standing guard at night!

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  1. Your pictures are A-MAZ-ING! It makes me excited to get to NYC!!!!