Oh... VATS...

So - as many know my last CT scan showed multiple nodules on my lungs. 

On March 1st I will under go a VAT's procedure - Video Assited Thoracic Surgery.  The good news is the nodules on my lungs are TINY, but the bad news is that because they are small I can't have the least invasive procedue - a needle biopsy. 

The Thoracic Surgeon (Dr. Rizk - not sure if I should worry about his last name??) was very reassuring and brought my stress level down a little when he said he didn't think my spots were melanoma related.  Now I should mention - most hospitals would just have you wait 3-6 months and scan again.  If the spots grow they were cancerous, if they stayed the same - no big worry.  My doctor doesn't seem to want to wait and see - so under the knife I go again!  I did thank him for saying he would balance my scars - this biopsy will be on the left lung.  All my other cuts have been right side! 

If you want to learn more about VAT's - check out this link: http://www.thoracicgroup.com/about_vats.php

Now I will tell you there was a big difference between UNC and Sloan.  I was given about 40 brochures to read to prep for surgery...  had to do a lung test.  That was interesting!  I didn't apprciate the lab tech who had to poke a needle in my wrist about 15 minutes trying to find my artery.  Thankfully she finally called someone else in! 

Oh and imagine having to carry this home on the subway - I did get some funny looks :)

Incentive Spirometer...   to help work my lungs after surgery
Now for one other 'good' thing of the day.  Normally I get bills and junk mail (or mail for past residents of my apartment...) but tonight I got a care package.  Thanks Dana!  It was very nice of you to think of me!

Thankful that tomorrow is Friday.  T minus 4 more days until surgery!  YIKES!

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