I Heart this City

So it's been almost a month since my surgery (where does the time go?) and I'm finally getting my energy level back.   I took it pretty easy last night since I was exhausted from my trip to Baton Rouge. 

Today I ventured into the city to visit fellow melanoma warrior!  Glad to see she is being treated so well at Sloan and feeling so great! 

While in the city I did take an opportunity to test out my new camera some more!  Here are a few pictures!  Still trying to figure how the settings and realizing I need other lenses!  ha!  Time for rest! 

Mulberry St - Little Italy

Little Italy - Tasty Desserts!

Gas Lamps - City Hall

WTC - PATH Station

The City at Night!  LOVE IT!

Colgate Clock and Lady Liberty!  I love my neighborhood.

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