Thanks Everyone!

I hate to be someone who shares bad news - and probably felt at first if I didn't talk about it maybe it would just go away :)  But I am overwhelmed with the love and support of my family, friends, and fellow melanoma warriors (most of which I haven't even met in person yet).  Thank you guys so much!

Just thought I'd share a few of the meetings I've had with fellow melanoma warriors and again some links if you're looking for information on melanoma. 

Met with fellow warrior Chelsea who is back at Sloan again tomorrow for appointments and getting ready for surgery to remove lymph nodes in 2 areas!  Neck and under arm!

I also had the pleasure of having dinner with Jay and Clinton from Australia - as they did they did their 18 day tour across the US: ;

Some other links:

Heard this song this morning - Lonestar's - Mountains.  
This world ain't fair - It can knock you on your butt - You can just lie there - Or you can get back up - You gotta get back up

There are times in life when you gotta crawl - Lose your grip, trip an' fall - When you can't lean on no one else - That's when you find yourself - I've been around and I've noticed that - Walkin's easy when the road is flat - Them danged ol' hills'll get you every time - Yeah, the good Lord gave us mountains - The good Lord gave us mountain - So we could learn how to climb

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