B-RAF trial Update

So I know folks are patiently waiting to find out when I'll start treatments.  I thought I'd know this past Friday at the latest if I was B-RAF+, but got a call Thursday night saying that the slides they sent the drug company didn't have enough tumor tissue for them to sample.  SO...  they are resending and hopefully by the end of this week I'll know if I'm B-Raf+ and when I'll start the trial.  It's a bit frustrating to say the least.

In the meantime, while I wait for that I have a ton of scans and appointments set up!  As I've said before - I've seen more doctors in the last 4-5 months then I think in my entire life :) 

Below is a sample of all the testing I have this week - some to get in the trial and others because I'm due for my 3 month scans (i.e. brain MRI and CT Scan).  Let the Scanxiety begin!  :) 

  • EKG
  • Treatment Suite (bloodwork)
  • Rest Echo Echocardiography
  • New Visit Deborah Goldfrank, MD (physical)
  • MRI - Radiology
  • CT Scan -Radiology
  • Follow Up Visit -Mark A. Dickson, MD (treatment discussion)
  • Follow Up Visit - Mark A. Dickson, MD  
  • Follow Up Visit - Mario Lacouture, MD (3 month dermatologist check)

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  1. GEEESH!!! Hang in there Erin! I know how stressfull that can be. I'm praying for you - strength and peace during the tests and while you wait for results.

  2. Tina - tell me about it :). Hopefully after all this wait I am braf +! Should hopefully know this week! Hope you are doing well!!

  3. Yes... The waiting game continues!