A busy day of travel

So yesterday I was set for a day trip to Atlanta for a meeting from 1-4. I got up at 5am. Was out walking the dogs when delta called at 6am to tell me my flight at 9 was now at 10:45! Getting me into atl at 1:30.

So I still went for my meeting. Got there though at 3pm and stayed until about 5:30. Then headed back to the airport! I finally got home to my apartment around midnight...

The following picture was taken at the lga airport while waiting for my flight. Oh and my flight was delayed because we were waiting on a part for the plane that was coming up from Atlanta :). The joys of traveling!

When you get off the train from the rental car facility at atl there is a tiny little dog park with these cool industrial sculptures. I didn't notice them earlier in the day but probably because I was running late!

This one is blurry but was such a cool view of manhattan as we were coming into lga at night! I was amazed also at how bright times square is at nite!

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  1. These are kind of fun! Different. I like them!!!! Funky!!

  2. Thanks Lady - consider them my life thru the eyes of my iPhone with fun filters :) Although I see that uploading them here they are a bit blurry. I'll keep testing it! ha!