Dublin turns 8!

In honor of my high maintenance pup dublins birthday... Here he is over the years! I think he has spent 90% of his time sleeping!

The following aren't in any paticular order! 

He was so Tiny when I first brought him home!

After Dublin's 1st major car ride to MN - he got knocked in the pool by 'uncle earl'

what puppy dog doesn't love a plastic bottle to chew on

Dublin and Kit were great friends!

Dublin always loves visitors! 

Dublin's 1st Christmas!  After he bit the lights and shocked himself he never touched the tree again!

Winnie loves her Dublin!

It's hard to tell but while I was in Poland Dublin got bit in the eye and had to get 8 stitches

Moving to Ohio was exhausting!

Helping give out Pedigree samples

Dublin meets his new best friend - Winnie!
he was such a cute puppy! 



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