Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?

So I had my CT scan and Brain MRI yesterday.  I'll get those results from Dr D tomorrow when I give him a call. 

Mmm... happy hour?  ha yuck!
But before I had those scans I made sure to sit down and talk with him.  And make sure he knows how hard the waiting has been :)  We had a very good conversation.

The plan is that hopefully by next Friday we'll know if I'm B-RAF+.  If I am not b-raf + we'll go the ipi/vervoy route.  After a good conversation with the doctor he said 'good things come to those who wait...' I sure hope he's right!  ha!  I am very much ready to get started on something. 

So the wait continues.  I am getting pretty good at the waiting game!  and hopefully we're getting close!

and just for laughs! 

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