Happy Easter!

So - I think so far this spring today is the nicest/warmest day in NYC area!  It was almost 80 today!  And while the rain held off I headed in to the City to check out this Easter Bonnet festival I heard about.  :)  I missed the parade - but that doesn't mean there wasn't still lots of activity going on.  Sorry there are a lot of pictures in this post!  Just wanted to share some of the different hats folks were out there wearing.  Note to self - next year wear hat!

First though before heading in to the city I took the pups to the dog park.

Van Horst Park - Dog Park

Creative use of Metro Cards!

Happy Easter!

Families getting in to the spirit!

The guy on the right is telling the House woman this is his first festival!

Strangest group I saw!

Guess some folks like McD's in their Easter Basket!

And on my way back home - I heart my neighborhood!

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