Laughter was just what the doctor ordered...

While it's taken me several weeks to get my energy level back up and it's still not great, it was nice to have friends around to laugh and explore the city with! 

We were the 7 dwarfs :) hehe! checking out the city!  Mike was the 'token' guy for the weekend as we celebrated Stephanies last weekend in the states as she head's to Singapore on a 3 year assignment!  and had Marie's suito-east coast bachelorette party :)  - 6 weeks until we're celebrating your wedding in Milwaukee!  hehe!  Lots of laughs had by all!   Thanks for the great weekend!

The following picture was taken after the first guy that tried deleted all the pictures on my camera... nice! But a great group shot! 

The Crew at Battery Park!

Spring Time in Central Park!

The Mall

Times Square

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  1. YEAH! So many smiles! I'm so glad you had fun!!!! Looked like a really fun time!