Oh scanxiety - why do you play with our minds?

I had my brain MRI and CT scan on Tuesday.  I kind of think that if someone wasn't a hypochondriac before all this - melanoma will turn you in to one!  Every ache, pain, etc is going to send you on a mad dash to Google what might be going on with you!  Oh the madness!  :)  I never really like getting stuck with another needle (and by the way when you have lymph nodes taken out of an arm and you're left with only 1 arm for folks to take all your blood draws out of it starts to hurt after awhile!) or drinking the yucky contrast but then again who does, right?  But the waiting for results is the worst.  It's several days where your mind gets the best of you!
But… I am remaining cautiously optimistic about the latest scan results!  Dr D's response was that things look good!  Tiny spots that were there are gone (I think in radiology speak that is what the "interval resolution of all additional subcentimeter pulmonary nodules" means).  I still have a few spots in the right lung and others elsewhere that look stable (no growth).  But the other good news to see in the impressions is - no NEW evidence of metastatic disease!.  It's funny what 1 word can do to a statement - I would love to see that same statement with the NEW removed!  Which would mean they can't find anything in me!  But maybe in the next scans!  Positive thinking! 
So what next - well we will hopefully know the b-raf test results next week.  Given my good scans though, there is a chance I won't have enough measurable growth to qualify for the b-raf trial.  If that is the case, next plan as stated before would be to start ipi/yervoy since it is FDA approved now.  Or we could do a watch and wait.  I don’t think I can handle a watch and wait :)  Will let everyone know when I'm set up with my next doctor appointments.  I do have a 3 month dermatologist check on Monday.  Let's see what they want to cut off of me this time!  

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