Trial consent forms signed!

So yesterday I had my appointment at Sloan. It will take 4-5 days to find out if I am braf +, but I do have a 40-60% chance that I am.

They did set up a ton of appointments for April 15, 19, and 22nd. I will have to have new baseline scans and tests done with starting the study. I am due anyway for 3 month scans. But oh how I dislike brain mri's and ct scans!

If I test positive, there is a 75% chance I will get the braf and 25% chance for the DTIC (decarbazine). I'd be in for appointments every 3 weeks.

So stay tuned. Getting closer to starting something!

When I know more I will post additional details. This particular trial at Sloan is only going to have about 10 patients on it. It is a phase III trial.

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