Trial update

Well... My appointment is now April 8th. I have to travel to Atlanta for a few days most likely next week and this will hopefully mean by then the trial is open!!

I spoke with one of the nurses there today. I asked while I wait if we could just check if I am braf+. We could, but then there would be no clean slides for the drug company to test for the trial. Never hurts to ask I suppose. I also asked what the probability would be it will in fact be open by the 8th. Good news I guess is she is about 95% sure it will be open since they are just waiting now on paperwork at Sloan vs the drug company.

I am sure also besides braf testing there will be yet more blood work and possibily another ct scan and Brain MRI. Those are always fun!

I blieve the trial they are opening at Sloan is:

It will compare braf to DTIC. But looks like if there is any disease progression on DTIC you switch to braf inhibitor. The good thing about trials is they keep a pretty close eye on you!

So stay tuned! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Not an April Fool's joke eh?! Geez, the waiting is painful! Hang in there! I'm glad they finally gave you the trial information. One step in the right direction. You're in my prayers Erin for strength, clarity and an open trial. Let's get this party started already!

  2. Good news! The trial is finally open so when I go in for my appointment I can finish all the consent forms. Then will have to wait to see if I am b-RAF + which will take a few days. Getting closer to getting something started! Will update after my appointment tomorrow.