The waiting game...

"the postponement of action or decision in order to gain the advantage"...

I feel like I've been in this constant waiting game since the beginning of this melanoma rollercoaster.  Waiting for results, to recovery from surgery, to figure out next steps.  I've spent countless hours over the last few months sitting in waiting rooms...  and still the wait continues.

So the good news is that we know now that I am B-RAF +.  And as many saw from my scan results there was improvement vs. the Jan 2011 scans.  So the trial nurse said today 'there is not enough active measureable growth to qualify you for the B-RAF trial".  So I guess that is good news, but back to waiting I go.  I don't see my doctor again until May 13th (and yes that is Friday the 13th - should I worry? haha!)

But like the definition says above - perhaps all this waiting is really in order to gain the advantage later?  I'm not really sure now what the next steps are.  I'm glad that things look better but this madness has it's peaks and valleys!  In Nov 2010 I was happy because my PET scan showed no spots, Jan '11 I was upset because I was told there were a dozen spots on my lungs.  Feb '11 I was feeling better because the surgeon told me he 'highly doubted it was melanoma'.  Mar '11 I was feeling down because biopsy showed malignant cells in my lungs.  Now Apr '11, I have a good scan with only 1 spot on my right lung.  Who knows what May will bring :)  I'm holding out for good things! 

My onc from UNC referenced an article that said just how important the immune system is and the power of positive thinking!  I'm all for positive thinking - I'm a pretty 'glass is half full kind of gal'!  But I do believe in modern medicine!  So I'm anxious to know what the plan is! 

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