I don't really have any Melanoma news to update on.  I'm in the holding pattern until my next appointment on May 13th.  So instead I'll talk about my busy work week! 

I have started to think that I need to switch back to a rolling laptop bag.  My arm where I've had lymph nodes removed is really feeling the strain of carrying my laptop (and iPad and other items) thru the airport(s)!  Which then makes it hard to sleep at night because I just feel achy where I've had surgery.  Ok that and I'm a light sleeper so when you put me in a room on the 1st floor next to the ice machine it's going to keep me up ALL night!

So far this week I have flown from Newark thru Charlotte to Austin.  Had a meeting in Austin, TX this morning and then flew thru Houston to Baton Rouge, LA.  I have a meeting at our plant here tomorrow and then it's back to New Jersey!  I get in around midnight tomorrow night!  Yep that's 6 flights this week! 

Hope everyone is having a great week!  Time to get a few work things done and try to get some rest! 

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  1. Trust me... It wasn't my choice for so much travel this week :).

  2. You should invest in some tylenol pm.. Or nyquil! Or make use of those pain pills! That's why you have them;) You'll heal faster with some good sleep! Or just get a personal assistant to carry your bags!! And a doctors note saying you can't travel so much in 1 week!