There aren't many times when I actually win anything - but every now and then it's fun!  Even if it's not the powerball (still buying my tickets though!  you NEVER know! )

Last week I noticed on Twitter that Photojojo ( - they have some fun camera gear!) was having a contest - enter your picture for a chance to win some Fracture photos (  So I submitted my MJ look alike picture that I took Easter Sunday while checking out the Easter Bonnet Festival in NYC! 

Then I had to decide which 3 pictures to have enlarged (8", 12", and 18").  I am really excited to see how these turn out!  Given I JUST ordered a bunch of 8x10's I've taken in the city, a canvas picture from Ellis Island and a poster size of the statue of liberty - and now I have to get them framed!   I may have to re-order the fractureme ones!  :)

So the following 3 are the ones I decided to get blown up!  My new apartment still needs some art work on the walls!  These will be great!
I did have this one changed to a black and white.  I heart my neighborhood!

Strawberry fields for ever!  Central Park is one of my favorite places to visit in the city!

I am not sure why this one is rotated - sorry!  But a foggy morning in January!
Have a fabulous weekend!  The weather is FINALLY looking like it might not rain here all weekend!  I hope Saturday is nice because I'm headed to my first baseball game of the season.  And what better way to check one out than seeing the Mets play at Yankee Stadium! 

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