Friday the 13th...

I am behind on giving an update - it was busy weekend!

Friday I had an appointment with my doctor.  We had a long discussion about my last set of scans.  While there is improvement (which is a good thing...) it's still odd!  I was given 2 options (both involve having Ipi/Yervoy).  The first option is to wait 4 more weeks to and have another CT scan.  If that scan shows that things have gotten worse I'll start Ipi/Yervoy the week after.  The 2nd option was to start Ipi this week.  I have decided to wait 4 more weeks to see how things look.

I do think my doctor was very considerate in making sure I am ok mentally waiting 4 more weeks.  I've waited this long - what's a few more weeks, right?  :)  Because everything is so small - there aren't any other trials that I qualify for.  So thankfully Ipi was approved by the FDA (Which if folks will remember was the trial I was originally trying to get in when they found the spots).

So in some other news - last week b-raf inhibitor was submitted to the FDA for approval ( so hopefully by the end of the year that will be available instead of waiting on a trial (that was the 2nd trial I was trying to get in!)

CT Scan will be June 8th and appointment with Dr D June 10th.  Thanks for all the continued support!

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