Milwaukee Visit

It was a busy weekend visit Milwaukee Friends!  The occasion - Marie and Max's wedding!

Friday started out with my flight being delayed, only to arrive early!  Yay... too bad my luggage didn't show up!  :)  But luckily it was there the next morning.  Don't ask me how they manage to not get in on my direct flight from Newark but I guess with all the travel I've done it was bound to happen some time!

I got picked up by my friend Karen and we headed to Bayview area to Tonic to meet with friends for drinks and laughs!

Saturday was time for Marie and Max's big day.  While the weather wasn't great...  the ceremony was beautiful (So was the bride!) and the reception was a blast!  Congrats Bertmans!!

Sunday was time for relaxing and not 1 but 2 cookouts!  I have fabulous friends!  So great to see everyone and catch up with everyone!

My buddy Max - he's sad we're leaving him for the day!

Sophie and Millie!

The Turtle - some may remember this was my turtle that Lisa offered to take when I moved to Ohio. 

Patty and Lisa - waiting for the ceremony to begin

The beautiful bride!

The MSOE travel crew - Plus 'flat Stephanie' since she couldn't make it from Singapore

hey - we're going to cook out because I just bought 40 lbs of meat...

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  1. OMG!!! That meat pic CRACKS me up!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haha... I couldn't help but take a picture...

  3. Sounds like a great trip! Couldn't you find a bigger hunk of meat? LOL!