Carnival Fun

So my fellow melanoma warrior friends will agree scanxiety is no fun!  and I feel like this upcoming scan on June 8th has given me the most anxiety.  So to help distract myself over the weekend I took a trip to Coney Island.  It's been on my list of places to visit and it was a fabulous day to get out and about.  But I was thinking about the carnival games - like the one where the ducks are going by and you try to hit them.  Some days I feel like one of those ducks - hoping that I'll get thru each scan without being hit with more bad news.  So that is why I feel like this scan is a big deal.  Ok, ok... they are all big deals!  It's a scary roller-coaster ride we are all on!

But enough about all of that....  on to more happy things!  Below are some high lights from my Coney Island visit.  Next time I think I'll have to check it out on a Friday night with the fireworks and the lights of the rides!

Testing out my new telephoto lens - WTC progress

Had to get a dog while at Coney Island

The Wonder Wheel!

Clowns creep me out!

Roller coaster!

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  1. Love the pictures (as always!) I would love to visit one day. Looks like a cool place. It does kind of remind me of a scene from a scary movie though......

    I will be thinking of you this week. Praying, hoping, and wishing for improved scans. You know Dr. D. wants you to continue to have the most kick ass immune system so he can show you off! ;-)