Summer in the City - has arrived in FULL force!

Ok maybe I should say scorcher / sizzler / heat wave in the city :). I have decided I am a cooler weather gal!  I guess this then gives us an opportunity to explore things in air conditioning :)

As many know - I had my CT Scan on Wednesday morning.  I won't have my results until tomorrow afternoon and will update folks then.  But in the meantime - here are some photos I took while walking to my appointment on Wednesday and then when I went in to check out a sun safety expo at Grand Central Terminal.  I should note that Newark did set a record today!  Very much looking forward to the temps cooling back down to the 80's!  ha!

And a side note and big thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!  I'd also ask you throw out some extra ones for my fellow melanoma warriors who are waiting results from biopsies, have VAT's procedure coming up, just had brain tumor removed, getting their next treatment, etc.

Out for a nightly walk with the pups

Morning Reflections - on the walk to my appointment

Mailbox at Grand Central

Art Display in City Hall Park

Fountain in City Hall Park - it was so hot I considered crawling in!

The fabulous Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal - oh the # of people who have walked those halls

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  1. Good luck Erin! Been thinking of you lots! Hope to hear good news today!!!