Weekends in the city

As most know I get a 2 month break from doctors appointments.  And when I started this blog my goal was to use it for a few purposes - updates on me, awareness on melanoma (I think I'm due for some updates on what's been going on in Melanoma research), and so folks know what I've been up to in and around the city. 

While I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders - it's hard some days to not worry about it still.  I am sure that gets easier with time.  When I get up every morning I see the scars - and with the heat and humidity they ache some days.  With the summer upon us I spend plenty of time applying sunscreen (and making sure I don't leave home without a bottle to take along), making sure I have a hat on and sunglasses, etc. 

This past weekend I did not take any trips in to the city.  Instead I spent time seeing a comedy show Friday night, going to a bbq with a friend, and Sunday just relaxing. 

I was thinking too while I taking my typical picture of the skyline from the park where I walk the dogs how far the World Trade Center progress has come along.  The next 2 pictures show it in December and then this past weekend. 

Taken December 2010

Taken June 19, 2011.  Opening day for new World Trade Center is Sept 11, 2011.

No filters - just the skyline from the walk with pups

Twilight walks with the dogs

Trying filters - PhotoShop Express on my iPhone

Winnie was so tired from the park trip she didn't even move when I took her picture

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