The new 'Normal'

I don't after you get the C-word diagnosis that life ever goes back to being exactly what it was before.  I've read on several message boards recently about the new 'normal' that life has taken on for folks.  It's one that honestly still leaves us with daily anxiety (which does get better each day), and when you hear stories about folks that fought hard against the black beast, it can't help but leave you with a heavy heart.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Tina's family and friends...  She fought hard and was such an inspiration. 

But while this is the new 'normal' world that we live in, we have to remind ourselves to stop and enjoy life.  We could easily get caught up in all the downside of this disease, the stress, the anxiety but we have to remember that worrying about it doesn't fix them.  We must keep a positive attitude, be an advocate for our care, and try to have some fun every now and then!

Below are some pictures - taken thru the 'eyes' of my iPhone :)  with some filter fun applied to them.  As many folks know - I'm not a writer, I'd rather tell my story thru pictures... 

It's a HOT one out there today! 

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine

I think it's important to stop and take in the beauty around us! 
Walking to workout one morning...

Cloudy day - WTC progress

on a nightly walk with the pups right outside my apartment
Beautiful Sunset!

Gargoyle outside a building on the Upper West Side

Stopping to take in the WTC progress.  Memorial opens up 9-11-11

The pups worn out after a long walk

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