Saturday Adventures

Since I moved to New Jersey - one of the things on my list to see was the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.  I finally made my way over to the Upper West side today to check it out.  I think I could have wondered around there for hours and hours!  What was nice is that there really wasn't much of a crowd.  It's listed as one of the largest Cathedrals in the World and the 4th largest Christian church in the world. 

It was a bit of a toasty day but I will for sure make a trip back there again... although perhaps next time I'll remember my tripod since it's fairly dark in there. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Some of the details outside

So Fabulous

One of the many 'rooms'

Details inside

The front entrance

Garden outside

Full Moon over Lower Manhattan - Friday Night

This is the pier where I have boot camp M/W/F @ 5:45am

Tribute inside the cathedral

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