Earthquakes and Hurricanes - in Jersey?

Well I moved in to New Jersey in December 2010 and let's just say it's been an interesting run so far.  About 10 days after moving in we had a blizzard.  And let me just tell you that when you have so many buildings close together and tight roads you start to run out of places to put it!

Then yesterday I'm sitting at my desk in Wayne, NJ and felt like someone had bumped it.  Thought maybe I was imaging things at first until other head's starting popping up around the office saying 'did you notice that?"  Minutes later we find that there was an earthquake in Virginia that was rather shallow and was felt all the way to NYC (and further north).  STRANGE!

Now the panic issue around the NYC area - Hurricane Irene!  Yep, I totally expected hurricane weather when I was living in North Carolina but not so much in New Jersey!  Luckily I'm headed out of town for the weekend.  and it looks like I should be out before the weather hits us.

I even received at work a forwarded note from the Red Cross on Hurricane Preparedness, really?  Never a dull moment!

Even the city of Hoboken just a mile north of where I live is urging residents to get out of town for the weekend.  Mainly because they get horrible flooding.

So stay tuned!  As it stands right now I won't be in town to experience this, but given what the news folks are saying it's probably good I'll be out of town!

Be Safe Everyone!

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