a few of my favorite things...

I suppose there is a fine balance between being a well informed patient and just maybe not paying any attention.  I have chosen to actively get involved in keeping up with developments in the world of melanoma as well as connect with lots of folks going thru the same thing.  The good thing is there is lots to learn, the bad thing is the reality that there are some that don't make it.  Today (see earlier post) was another reminder.  My heart breaks for Jill and the loss she's endured today. 

I guess that's when it's a good reminder that we must keep moving forward.  That's why I take pictures (my way of 'stopping to smell the roses') and travel!  Below are some of my favorite things!  The more recent and past travel...

Greece 2007

Ireland - 2005


Paris - 2006

Poland - 2004

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