Trip home - Minnesota Happenings

It had been awhile since I had been back in Minnesota (maybe almost 2 years?).  It was a busy long weekend.  I got in Friday morning and headed to Uncle Earl's pet shop to see my mom and the pups!

After some time there I stopped by the house to see my Uncles that were visiting from Reno.

Friday night was spent out at Kamp Dell's visiting Gram and Gramp Y along with other family.  It was a lovely night to sit out there given that there was Hurricane Irene on it's way towards my apartment in New Jersey!

Ms Claudia at the shop
Saturday we got up and headed up towards the Cities.  Mandi and Mike's wedding was taking place!  They had a short, sweet, and simple outdoor ceremony.  The weather was fabulous for an outdoor ceremony!

The Happy couple cutting the cake

A rare picture with my siblings at the reception
Sunday was a trip to the Twin's game to watch them play Detroit.  They won the game 11-4.  We again lucked out with the weather since there were scattered thunderstorms but nothing at the stadium!  Target Field is a great ballpark!  Good times had by all.

Most of the gang at the game

Twin's at the Twins game - haha!
Monday was spent relaxing some.  I also hung out with my cousin Jason and we took some of his senior pictures.  Still have some editing to do but for the first take they turned out ok.  After a nap, I went with my cousin's Jason and Connor to the 'middle school' to have Conner get his 8th grade football gear.  I should add that the middle school is the old high school.  It was a bit weird to sit in the gym there.  It's been 15 years since I stepped foot in that building.

After a long weekend, there are many things that happen there you don't get in the big city area.  First, wild life.  Mid day on Saturday I was out taking some pictures in my parents yard when I heard a grunt.  Thought it was one of the bulldogs - but looked to my left and about 5 feet away was a woodchuck!  YIKES!

In a small town strangers wave at you when you pass them on the street - doesn't happen where I live in NJ...  You can see the stars!  :)  It's sooo dark!  I don't think I'd be comfortable staying at my brother Pats house!  Oh and such little traffic and lots of grass :)  It was nice to just sit in the driveway and talk with family with a couple of cold beverages :)

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  1. Ohhh, maybe you were here last for our wedding??? That would be 2 years!!! Love seeing your smiling face hanging with the fam!