Seattle and mt rainier

This past weekend I took a trip to meet Marie, Mike, and Cindy in Seattle.  It was a great long weekend. Most folks know my horrible travel experiences this summer - well this long weekend was no different only it worked in my favor!  I was supposed to have a layover for both trips but due to delayed flights I lucked out with direct flights!  Woo hoo!

Below are a few highlights from the trip!

East Coast meets West Coast :)
I was picked up at the airport and told - hey we're heading downtown...  fun!

The group hiking Little Si

Cindy has had a picture of Little Si on her fridge for 2 years -
We HAD to hike it!  It was amazing...

We were all so excited when we saw Hobo Inn - the largest collection of cabooses!
This was the Side Tracked Car - Thirsty anyone?

Timer - Group Shot!  Mt. Rainier

Falls in Mt Rainier Park

The Park is just starting to get it's fall colors!   
Reflection lakes - so peaceful and we had a great day!

Mike really wanted a group reflection shot of us -
We had to settle for a mud puddle... 
Mt St. Helen's in the background -
our lodge is located somewhere under the clouds

Our Lodge - Ashford, WA

Thanks Erin W - I love it!

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