Let the vacation begin!

After almost 24 hours of travel I arrived I'm Singapore. Jet lag seems to be ok so far (ask me again later how I feel - haha).

The first leg was JFK to hong kong. Thy flight was almost 16 hours! I didn't sleep much but I did was a lot of movies!

The 2nd leg was about 3 1/2 hours. I could not keep my eyes open on that flight! But I needed some shut eye!

Stephy J was waiting to pick me up at the airport! Got back to her place and showered and them headed out for dinner. A few shots of the view from her apartment and some of the Christmas decorations already up! Today some site seeing and relaxing. The others haven't arrived yet. Their flight was canceled out of msp so thy get here tonight.

A night time view from Stephanie's apartment

A day time view!

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