Goodbye Singapore - hello Thailand

Just a few more shots from the trip so far.

These elephants are everywhere in Singapore. They were designed by different artist and will be auctioned off to help raise money to protect the Asian elephants.

Singapore has really gotten in to the holiday spirit!

A view of where Stephanie's apartment is from the flyer!

Art display on our walk home

Touring Singapore. Such colorful buildings...

A view of the Indian ocean from the tip of the boat.

Just a little of the luggage for 8 peeps! :)

This was taken as the afternoon storm was rolling in!

Out checking things out.

From one of the temples

Time to move on thailand!

This was one HUGE gold Buddha!

Had dinner at the blue elephant in bangkok. Was excellent and great to see family!

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  1. Are you guys getting any rest? Is Mike still smiling?

  2. ha no we didn't get much rest! and of course Mike smiled the whole trip! :) miss ya!