I got a cold for Christmas

Yep - like so many other folks around the country I got a cold for Christmas.  Let me tell you - it hasn't been fun!  I think my poor lungs hurt more from the cold then they did when I had wedges of my left lung cut out for biopsy!

But the good news is that I'm finally starting to feel better - although now I have a stomach ache from all the cold medicine... just can't win!

But I was able make it home for a few days to celebrate Christmas with my family.  Here are a few highlights from a Brown Christmas in Minnesota!

It looks like Santa's sled went right thru the living room...

Lola isn't happy about her holiday attire 
Ok, still not happy but being a good sport - now with a hat and all!

Lily and Maizy enjoying some holiday movies

An Irish Christmas

Sunset on Christmas

Chillin' with my brother and his pup Aggie

Walking back to my apartment - 12.26.11 - WTC Progress

WTC Memorial in JC and new towers 
When I landed my brother was playing a christmas CD he put together - this song was playing.... perfect for my current cold state!

I got a cold for Christmas - song lyrics

(from the album, Christmas Time with the Three Stooges)
I was good as solid gold,
And did the things that I was told,
The days nobody had a stove,
But I got a cold for Christmas.
Johnny got a brand new sled,
With shiny runners painted red,
He’s outside but I’m in bed,
I got a cold for Christmas.
All the other girls and boys,
Ran downstairs to get their toys,
But all I did was sneeze and sniff,
And use my Christmas handkerchief!
It can’t be right, it isn’t fair,
I brushed my teeth and combed my hair,
But did it get me anywhere?
I got a cold for Christmas.
Waited by the windowsill,
Just for Santa, caught a chill,
Where’s my penicillin pill?
I got a cold for Christmas.
Granny got a brand new gun,
And Jim got electric trains that run,
I got a fever of one hundred and one,
I got a cold for Christmas! 

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