Beautiful day in the neighborhood

I know I've mentioned this before in posts but one thing melanoma does to us is make us 'paranoid petes' :). For the last few weeks I've had a horrible flu. The worst I can remember getting. On Tuesday I felt a swollen lymph node in my neck and I totally had a panic moment.

Luckily by the time I went to see my doctor yesterday morning it had gone down in size! And I perhaps looked a little foolish going in. But I've never actually been able to feel a lymph node before.

My poor doctor (who has been working 11 days straight over he holidays) made the point that with normal folks we wouldn't even be concerned about this kind of thing - but after a cancer diagnosis we are no longer 'normal' when it comes to these kind of things... Not that I was that normal before :) hehe

So we will keep an eye on it and make sure when I have my next scans mid feb we check my neck this time.

On a side note - yesterday was a great day for sunrises and sunsets! There was also a beautiful full moon but I didn't get picture of that...

Have a fabulous weekend! I am starting my trek back to Bangkok! Next stop - San Francisco for a nite!

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