Happy New Year! Bring on 2012

So 2010 was rough and 2011 presented a number of challenges!  But besides ending 2011 with the worst flu I've had in ages - here's to being healthy in 2012!

I can't say that I've made a list of resolutions like so many other people do!  My main focus and goals are to:

1). remove clutter from my apartment!  Since I decided to stay where I am I have so much extra 'stuff' that just isn't needed in an apartment.

2). Stay healthy!  Typical goal everyone else has - get in shape, eat right, etc etc...

I think those 2 will keep me plenty busy!  I'd add something about traveling but I'm already heading back to Thailand next week and have plans for attending the 2012 Summer games in London with friends!  So I'd say that goal is already on it's way!

For New Years my friend Jamie came to visit again!  It's always fun to hit the city and explore!  We hit up a few standards (Rockefeller Center, Times Square, etc) but went to the Central Park Zoo for the first time.  Also went up in the Empire State Building which I hadn't done in YEARS!  Note to self - pay the extra $$ for the express lane.  I think it took us about 3 hours to get up!  But SOOOO worth the views!

For our NYE plans we hit Willie McBrides in Hoboken which was fun!  and luckily my stomach cramps had finally went away!  Not fun :(

Happy New Year Everyone!

Polar Bear @ Central Park Zoo

Hitting Rockefeller Center again

Times Square - 2012
A few of the new World Trade Center
(the river on the right is the Hudson and then Jersey City where I live)

A few from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building
You can see the glow of Times Square

9-11 Memorial

Happy New Year!!!

Reflection Pool @  9/11 Memorial

Tree at Rockefeller Center -
Happy Holidays

Empire State Building at Night

Penguin @ Central Park Zoo

Holiday Decorations w/ Radio City Music Hall

World Trade Progress -
I know I take lots of pictures of this building but it's fun to see it being built

9/11 Memorial Tree

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  1. Awesome pics! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  2. Someone needs to pay you to take pictures. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Thanks lady - glad you enjoyed the pictures! Happy New Year!