How far things have come in a year...

Last year on March 1st I woke up in a hospital recovery room at Sloan Kettering.  I remember I was groggy and they were telling me they were giving me extra potassium.  I could see my sister standing outside the curtain (I could see my bright green over night bag).

We didn't talk much until I was taken to my room.  I only asked 1 question - did they tell you what the 'spots' were? were they bad?  I think about all I got was  head shaking yes - they were bad.

I spent the next 3 days hanging out in the hospital.  With this huge tube coming out of my side.  I think I had about 6-8 chest xrays, walked circles around the halls of the 18th floor and had the WORST 'roommate'...

When I went in to the hospital all I knew was that in January a dozen small spots had show up on my lungs  CT scan.  I had a video assisted thorascopy surgery where they removed 2 wedge sections of my left lung.   Shortly after getting out of the hospital we began the process of trying to get in to the braf trial.  It was already too late for me to get in to the ipi trial (Which by the way was approved by the FDA shortly after I couldn't get in the trial).

I played the waiting game to get the braf trial.  Was finally scanned again in April of 2011 and all by 1 spot remained in my lungs.  Decided to play the waiting game a little longer and in May 2011 all spots were gone - spontaneous remission?  We'll take it.  I continue to do the watch and wait game.  I've been blessed to make it this long with nothing popping back up on my scans again but we know that should something appear there are a lot of other options out there now (ipi, braf, new trials).

I would just remind folks to protect the skin you're in.  Get at least yearly checks with your dermatologist and when in doubt about a spot - just cut it out.  The scar is much better than it growing in to something bad!

Here's to another year of hopefully clean scans!

Had to use this one an hour to work my lung capacity.
I still have it if anyone wants to give it a try :) lol
Getting ready for surgery!  I know it's quite the look!

Not a lovely picture - but the 3 spots left from the VAT's procedure
My poor skin is starting to hate the adhesive...

Sunrise on 2.29.12 - Leap Day!
Just a reminder to take time to enjoy the life around you!

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