Social Media Week - NYC

What would the world be today without social media?  Maybe we would be able to walk away from our phones, computers, iPads, etc a little more easily. :)  I sometimes wonder - how many social media sites can one person keep up with?

It started for me about 5+ years ago with the world of MySpace and Facebook.  I no longer keep up with a MySpace account.  Now you can add Google+ in to that equation.  (Which by the way I do have an account for but haven't done anything with...

Then we come to things like Twitter, and blogging (i.e. this blog and now the new one I've started:

So you're probably wondering what my point is us?  Well I guess it is that if you can't beat it join in!  This week will be social media week (  It will be taking place in several cities around the world.  Most of the events are free!  I am pretty excited to be able to attend a few of the events this week.  I have even offered to volunteer a few days.

Stay tuned for posts and updates from social media week NYC this week!  It will be a great distraction while I wait for my 2 month scans.

Cheers everyone!

And if you to check out more - check out this link:

PPS - in the world of social media one App that I love is Instagram (although it's a bit of an addition with taking pictures and editing them).  Instagram is having a world InstaMeet Photowalk - look for more details for the one being planned in Jersey City.

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