When in doubt... cut it out

So I know I'm a bit behind on blog posts.  Last week was an interesting week (more blog posts to follow).  I started out on Monday seeing my dermatologist.  That is always an adventure.  Don't get me wrong, I think he's great and appreciate how much he and his nurse May always stress that they are there to take care of me and watch out for my skin - but it's always a little awkward standing around getting pictures taken of moles all over to keep track of.

There were a few mole I wanted him to review.  There is this weird one on my belly and I ask him about it every time - and each times he looks at it and looks at me and say's "Erin, it's fine - stop worrying about it".  Easy enough for him to say!

There was one mole on my back near my scar.  He looks at it and says again 'Erin, it's fine - but there is another spot next to it I'd like to remove'.  I reply back that the spot I was worried about had similar characteristics of my original Melanoma.  He agrees and decides that we'll remove both spots on my back - yay....  Follow the rule - when in doubt, cut it out.  So I now have 2 more battle wounds on the back.  Only positive is that I'm partially numb on the back from other surgeries.  They said they will only call if something was wrong...  should know in a week or so.

I'll leave you with a picture taken Sunday - a few of the sunset from my apartment.

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  1. Hoping the results are good!!! I'm with you on this. When in doubt, cut it out. I'm going in the spring and I'm just going to have them remove another one off my stomach and maybe my back too. Why not, right? It sucks, but it's better to be safe! Praying for you!