Instagram NJ and NYC Photowalk March 11th

Ok I am WAY behind on posting updates.  I've just been exhausted lately - so I am finally catching up on some things!

Over a year ago I downloaded a free App on my phone called Instagram.  It's amazing what the iPhone camera can do.  I don't know how many times I get asked if I took the picture with my digital SLR camera and I say 'nope - that was taken with the old trusty iPhone".  Along with downloading instagram - I've added a whole list of other photo editing apps.  I typically end up with my favorite camera + app but its' fun to see what you can do with the photos.

One of the other positives of sharing photos with folks is that I've managed to meet some great people along the way.  There are instagram groups all over the world!  One of the largest is in NYC but I also created a group for Northern New Jersey.  We had a our first photowalk on Sunday March 11th.  The NJ group was a small gathering (I'm blaming day light savings time and an early start time) but we then joined the folks for the InstagramNYC walk in Central Park which had over 100 people!

Below are some of the photos that were taken along the way!  Hope you enjoy!

a few fellow 'igers' getting creative at the Colgate Clock

Loved sharing the Jersey side and great city views

WTC in the background

a flower at a 9/11 memorial

The pier in Jersey City

Signs put up when the Occupy Wallstreet folks were venturing to Jersey

On to Central Park - Street Performers

I'm going to go out on a limb and say you can take these signs down...

Love Central Park!

Shadows in the Park - Don't worry I remembered my sunscreen!

There were lots of folks out taking pictures

On guard near the Central Park Zoo

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  1. Dear Erin, what you have achieved with your blog and the effort, time and information you have put together, not to mention how you have so openly and courageously shared your story and your progress, it is just amazing. I would like to follow you in your journey and also I am asking if I may (on my blog post) link to your blog so that others may see your message through your blog. To help the awareness issue. I am currently working on a post about Malignant Melanoma which I will be putting up on my blog in a few days time so I am seeking your permission to link to your blog before I do so.(I'm Stage 2)
    Also your photos of NYC and NJ are just beautiful. I intend to be in NYC next year in May. I await a reply.
    With fond wishes

  2. I LOVE instagram. It makes me feel like a super artistic, talented photographer every time I use it :)