Brew City Visit

Who doesn't love a visit to the Brew City.  Good Ole Milwaukee...  While I never feel like I have enough time back there to visit all my friends (sorry for all the folks I didn't get a chance to see... next time I think I need to spend a week!)

I headed back to spend the Easter weekend with my old college roommate Lisa and her family.  I had been craving a good ole Midwest Fish Fry (You can find a fish fry and lost of Irish places around the city... but it's just not the same).  We had quite the meal!  I wish I had taken some pictures of the prep work.  Great work Lynne and Colin!  You guys are awesome!  Colin even prepped the fish with cracked ribs - that is dedication!!!

Saturday was spent 'day drinking'.  We made one big mistake with day drinking... ok 2.  We didn't get lunch AND a nap in!  But still good times had by all.  Here are some highlights from our brewery tour at Lakefront, a stop at Brocah's Irish Bar, AJ Bombers, The Wisconsin Cheese Bar and then home.


Who doesn't love a foam cheese hat/football, etc?

Our snacks at the Wisconsin Cheese Bar 
Cheers!  Time for a Lakefront Brewery Tour

A stop at Brocach's!  Mmm

On the packaging equipment where we stop for the Laverne and Shirley talk

Yep - this pretty much sums up Wisconsin!

My buddy Max!

Brother and Sister - post tour... 
The group post tour 

A stop at AJ Bombers!

It's Wisconsin - of course there is a cow statue inside

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