Pale Skin is in...

This weekend we had some great weather here in the NJ area.  And as a reminder that May is Skin Cancer awareness month - I thought I'd share some pictures of pale skin!

Last November I had a minor freak out while on vacation.  This came when I realized that I was going to be spending 2 days sea kayaking in the Bay of Thailand.  I know that it sounds AWESOME but I wasn't sure how I would deal with that much sun exposure.  A few of the pictures below are from those days kayaking.  I'm proud to say that the only real sun exposure I ended up with was on my knuckles where water washed away sun screen.

The guide did make fun of me some because of my monster brim hat and saying he had never seen anyone as pale as me :)  I only pointed out that he was making that comment to someone who had dealt with stage 4 skin cancer.

Protect the skin you're in.  There are options out there to limit your skin exposure.  I got these great sleeves as an added layer of protection.  Plus I found out that Rit Dye also makes something you use to add SPF ratings to your clothing.  Haven't tried it yet but may for this upcoming summer.

Cheers everyone!

The owner of the kayak tour group took this picture of me...
said he had never seen anyone as pale as me - I'll drink to that.

Mid day break 

Finished our 2 days of kayaking!  

Kayaking Nov 2011

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  1. According to our Thai au pair, people in Thailand want to have light skin (whereas people in America want to have dark skin - I'm speaking generally on both accounts) so he was probably jealous of you!

  2. Well we did have folks taking lots of pictures of us :) and you're right that culture does a much better job of taking care of their skin (umbrellas, big hats, etc).

    Sadly this guy was british and just mocking me :)