Almost Go Time! Again...

After a 6 day break from Zelboraf I am finally starting to feel back to normal.  Which means we are just about ready to start back up!  But this time most likely on a reduced dose.  I'm guessing I'll get an update on that either tomorrow or Friday when I see Dr. D.

Don't worry family and friends - a lot of folks take a lower dose and still see great results!

I know I've said this before but I'll say it again - I feel very fortunate that I have a healthcare team that keeps such a close eye on me and are very responsive to help resolve side effects.  Even when I start to feel a little bit like a high maintenance patient :)  and my poor local pharmacist is going to really wonder what is wrong with me when I come in 3 days in a row to get yet even a stronger prescription for rash!

Hopefully when we start back up we can minimize the rash side effect this time.   I can handle the joint pain, thinning hair, sore feet... but the itching will drive a person nuts!  I woke up at 4:30 am with my poor hands itching so bad!  Luckily today I've been able to minimize the amount of benadryl I've taken.  But at least this time I'm armed with a medicine cabinet of things to help!

Stay tuned!

PS - what would a post be without a few pictures from today.  Even though it was cloudy/rainy I still had all my sun gear with me!  It's a lot of work to get out of the front door - sunscreen, hat, sun glasses, protective long sleeve shirt, protective pants, etc...  I even went ahead and purchased a better pair of sunglasses vs. my cheap ones I usually get.  Not sure that the UV protection is better?  I'm hoping it is.

Using camera+ - HDR effect

Camera+ - the view thru my lens

Because I always stop to take a pic of the WTC progress...

One of my favorite buildings from with my favorite lamps in City Hall Park

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