And the side effects are? ...

... pretty non-exsistant so far.  Although I did for sure notice fatigue this week.  Of course I was finally getting my energy level back after the blood transfusion and then started taking Zelboraf Wednesday night.  I've also been trying to make sure I lather up on the sunscreen since the only thing the instructions state OVER and OVER again is to AVOID sunlight!  Not easy when I have to get outside to walk the dogs and we are just hitting summer with the longest days of the year!

Luckily when I walk the dogs in the morning there is shade and we do a quick walk when I get home from work and then a long walk after dinner and the sun as set.

So nothing exciting to really report.  Planning on taking it easy this weekend.


PS - a few pictures I took last night while walking the dogs.  Yep cloudy days have become my friend (although can still get sun burns on cloudy days...)

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