Boring Weekend

So - I've been off Zelboraf since Thursday night.  And I'm red from chin to toes!  Actually the neck/shoulders area is getting much better.  So I'm hoping that is an indication that the other areas will come around also.  Right now my legs look like my neck did a few days ago.  But if you take a look you'll see it's gotten better:

I guess we can say the drug is working?  I've also experienced the side effect today where it feels like there is a huge bump under the ball of my foot that's sore when I walk.  Feels like I wore 4" heels for 12 hours yesterday!  (ladies you'll understand that foot pain!)

Also - remember my post about dressing up like a bee keeper and staying covered.  Yep looking pretty silly when I walk outside all bundled up from head to toe when it's 80 degrees outside!  But I've tried to be extra careful this weekend since I didn't want to put sunscreen on rash.  

All covered up with SPF clothing
While I didn't get anything done this weekend (that Benadryl knocks you out!) I did manage to catch a beautiful sunset tonight.  I've been avoiding going outside until the sun is down but just couldn't help myself tonight.  Some pictures posted below. 

So - stay tuned for the next chapter.  I'll be back at Sloan tomorrow for blood draws (They are still keeping a very close eye on my hemoglobin) and they will decide if I start back up on the 'Z' or wait a few more days and take some stronger stuff to stop the rash.  Fun!  But as long as it's working - we'll put up with the side effects.  Except for the redness and a little itching I feel pretty good.

sunset - no filter

Camera + (Clarity and Vibrant)

Camera + (Clarity)

Camera + (clarity and HDR filter)

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