Oh Bugger...

Still feeling pretty good.  Ok I am tired and seriously considered taking a nap under my desk this afternoon :)  But that could be because for some reason I seem to wake up pretty much exactly at 1 am and then 4am.  Not sure if my neighbors have a new routine/schedule?  My bedroom is next to the stairs and not sure if someone is running down the stairs and the door is slamming?  I also still have red / swollen hands and feet and some joint pain.  But again - as long as Z is doing it's job - these are all things I can handle!

On to subject at hand - Oh Bugger...  so I was exchanging some text messages with my sis the other day.  It's sad when your family secretly hopes that the intestine spot is due to something like roundworm (gross) vs. Melanoma.  And there is a reason they might think that.  

1. I like to travel to exotic places!  You know the kinds of places where you have to get all sorts of strange vaccinations and carry Malaria Pills with you.  I was in Singapore/Thailand in Nov 2011 and then again in Thailand in Jan 2012
2.  While in said places - we tend to get off the major roads and check out remote places
     - Thailand Rain Forest Hike left me with a leech on my ankle - GROSS!

One of these creepy little things chomped on to my ankle!  and then when I checked my shoes another one was crawling in.  Typically I would get a picture but I was way to grossed out by it!

     - Kayaking among the islands of Koh Chang left me with lots of little red bug bites on my ankles.  Guess we put up with the bugs for the view:

     - Dinner in Bangkok left me with about 100 bug bites on my legs.  TRAVEL NOTE TO OTHERS: wear long pants at night!  It was hot so I had skirt on and we sat outside at this lovely restaurant but apparently while I was having dinner - something (mosquitos? spiders?) were having dinner on my legs!

So that's why my family would think 'hmm... maybe Erin just picked something up along her travels'.  Thanks family :)  At least for my next travel destination it will be a little more civilized!  38 days or so until London!


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