On your Mark, Get Set - RASH!

So I know Thursday night I said that it looked like I was starting to get a rash - and by the time I woke up Friday morning boy did I have a rash!!  You can see from the picture of my neck below.  So I called my doctors office and spoke with the nurse.  A full body rash is a very common side effect that most folks get.  I will add that today my neck just looks all red like I got a sunburn and most of the bumps have all gone down...

The plan right now is to take a short break from Zelboraf and let this clear up.  This happens a lot.  Right now they just have me taking Benedryl and cortizone cream.  Luckily (hoping I'm not jinxing myself) it doesn't itch too bad.  I was running a slight fever last night but today seem to be in the normal range.

So my plans this weekend - absolutely NOTHING!  Just trying to rest as much as possible and hoping this rash goes away.

I'll have blood drawn again on Monday to check my hemoglobin level and see if the rash is getting better.  If it's better we will start back up at a reduced level.


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