Sharing my story

In the link below you will find an article that the JC Independent posted today about skin cancer.  I was asked if I was willing to share my story.  And as most of you know I don't really have a problem with that :)  Figure if it can help someone, why not?

Erin Youngerberg’s Blog Melanoma in the City Documents Her Battle with Skin Cancer

As for the daily update on how I'm doing.  Those on the 'rash watch' - still no rash :)  and joint pain - very tolerable today unlike last week!  so that is a welcome change!  Another side effect of Zelboraf is that it can give warts - yep warts (and other skin growths).  I seem to be getting these red marks all over (kind of like cherry angioma's?).  I've also gotten several clear raised bumps on my hands and shoulders.  Never a dull moment in the world of Zelboraf!

So of course I reached out to my dermatologist.  I'm lucky to have an awesome team that looks after me!  but feel sometimes I may be walking a fine line to being a high maintenance patient.  :)  and because I'm a visual person - pictures below.  I am in to see my Dr D (my med onc) Friday and the Dr L (derm) on July 9th.  Stay tuned!

Assorted red spots on my hands/shoulders 
May be hard to see the clear raised spots near my knuckles

Ok enough about that stuff - there were some great storm clouds that came thru this evening which made for very nice pictures while walking the dogs.  I've posted a few below! 

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