T - 40 Days to London!

I know that many of you are aware that I have plans to spend my birthday this year in London watching the 2012 Summer Olympics!  I do still plan on going!  I think in one of my earlier posts I mentioned that we'll scan sometime mid July.  Here's to hoping that Zelboraf is doing it's job and doesn't ruin my vacation!

My flight is booked to leave July 28th.  We'll spend a night in London and then a few of us will do a long weekend in Scotland.  Planning on visiting the city of Edinburgh.

Then from Aug 1-5th we have assorted tickets for different events.  I'm sure in between we'll just catch games at local pubs or do some sight seeing to London.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.  I've spent most of it sleeping.  I think I'm still catching up from not being able to sleep during the rash week :)  So far so good on the lower dose - but if you remember the worst of my side effects started in around day 8 or 9...  so far just at day 3 back on.  Still a bit red all over.


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