Toasty Weekends

Well we are back to weather in the 90's again.  I've come to the conclusion that my joint pain is the worst when it's hot and humid!  My poor joints.  It's really just my hands that ache the most right now.

Had my doctor's appointment yesterday.  Hemoglobin level is up to 10.8.  I'm almost back to the normal range again :)  Looks like we'll be scanning Jul 11 and see what Z has been doing.

Not much else to report right now!  Just trying to stay cool and out of the sun.  So that means apartment cleaning/organizing and I put together some pictures of the WTC I've been taking since I moved to town.  It's nothing fancy.


Picture taken yesterday walking back from my appointment:

Video of World Trade Center Progress:

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  1. It is miserable hot isn't it! Glad to hear you feel ok. Take care.