Tonights post is brought to you by the letter - J

J for Joints!  They are all letting me know they exist!  Even my jaw is achy.  Is that possible?  :)  Conveniently - The Harvard Medical School / Health beat was about the secret to joint pain relief - Exercise.  While I totally agree that if I get up and moving things get better....  on their list of  what causes joint pain - Medicine is not listed... but it never hurts to look at different ways to eliminate or at least minimize joint pain!  The Joint Pain Relief Workout

It's HOT here in the NYC area!  So our walks have been minimized.  There was a great sunset.  I don't look goofy at all wearing long sleeves, pants, big hat when it's 100+ degrees outside.  But at least my skin is protected!

Keep cool folks!

104F?  Yikes!  and yes it says Tape -
My 2007 Murano has a tape player and I use it to listen to music from my iPhone :)

Time for our evening walk - the sun is finally setting!

The Statue Cruise ships have parked for the night

I love the setting sun reflecting off NYC
And one last gross one (sorry folks - I'm a picture person and I think it helps with my story)...  My poor feet are so swollen and achy - I have to wear my 'fat' shoes :)  i.e. my flats that are 1/2 size too big but right now are Juuussssttt Riiiiggghhht....  Please ignore my toenails that need some new color!

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