Weekends go by to fast...

It's another Sunday night.  Today has probably been one of my better days for joint pain -  so that has been nice.  Although after playing volleyball I may be feelin' sore again.  but that's ok.

The weekend has been petty low key.  Grabbed dinner with friends Friday night.  Saturday was lovely.  Always nice to hang out and catch up with fellow 'mole-mates'.  And it was the first time I actually ventured on the LIRR over to Queens!  Had a great dinner with Julie and it was nice to see Joe and meet their new puppy Jax.  We simply must hang out more often!

Side effects update:  So the ole Zelboraf has not given me a rash (yet).  I'm still somewhat red.  I used to get pretty red when I worked out and now it's even worse!  with some random white spots.  I've also noticed that my poor hands have been soooo dry!  And I'm starting to lose my poor eye lashes.  Yep when they said body hair loss I was kind of hoping that meant my legs so I wouldn't have to worry about shaving all summer :)  lol!

Ok time for some rest.  I'll leave you with a few pictures.  Both of the Empire State Building.  One from this weekend in rainbow colors for Pridefest / Pride Week and other I took a few weeks ago with a rainbow over the Empire State Building.  Hmm... I suppose that one is rather appropriate with the first one :)


Hard to see the Rainbow...  but it's faintly over the ESB

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