Welcome back...

Don't worry - not welcoming the rash back!  Just a handful of other minor side effects.  Feeling some joint pain - although that could be just because I worked out yesterday for the first time in a few weeks :)  No rash but still rather red all over.  Along with swollen feet and hands.  And things don't taste quite right because my tongue is sore - I know maybe a weird comment.  I actually think that might be from my salty dinner from the PourHouse last night after volleyball.  Oh and some fatigue.  Yep - tomorrow may be the morning I start drinking coffee again!

But all things considered I feel pretty good!  Keeping a pretty close eye for a rash.  I think on the higher dose it started to creep up around day 6 or 7.  And it seems with the lower dose so far that I'm not loosing as much hair and my hair is staying soft.  On the higher dose it started to feel very coarse/tuff  (not sure if that's really a good way to describe it?).

Happy Monday Everyone!  I think for the month of June I'm setting a record with my blog for most # of posts!  But I know that folks are checking in on me - so I'll try to make sure to let you know I'm doing ok :)

Now it's time for some sleep! and before I go a few pictures!

My dog Dublin - Always by my side...
sometimes I step on him (not on purpose)

Morning Walk 6.18.12
I am also on a constant hunt to find a sunscreen for my face that doesn't make my eyes water or my nose turn red.  In the meantime I try to stick to the shade and big hats as much as possible.  FYI wide brim hats and the breeze off the river don't mix well!  Might need to add some chin straps to my hats!  lol!


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